Accelerate, Shift Left, Automate – how the pandemic has shaped IT support

Sunrise Software’s latest research and analysis has revealed businesses and organisations plan to ‘accelerate, shift left and automate’ when it comes to post-pandemic IT support.

A survey carried out by the company and available in a webinar report on its website found:

  • 46% of all respondents will continue to move forward at the same pace as during COVID-19 and be more agile as a direct result of COVID-19
  • 47% of all respondents will be focussing on shift left and enabling the self-sufficient end user as a direct result of COVID-19
  • 32% of all respondents will be incorporating more process automation as a direct result of COVID-19

“Interpreting the survey findings, we see COVID-19 as a positive driver of change; one could also allude to COVID-19 as an enabler here,” Sunrise Software said.

“We don’t know, however, if the volume of responses would have differed if COVID-19 had not happened. We can certainly see through the qualitative practitioner feedback that for many, COVID-19 has brought positive change and can suggest that without COVID-19, some of that may not have happened, or at the very least, the time to realise the same positive change would have been seen over a longer term.”

A comparison of respondents’ sectors revealed differences in priorities. While all sectors prioritised being more agile and moving forward at the same pace seen as a result of COVID-19, the private sector prioritised process automation more highly than the public sector or third.

The public sector and third prioritised shift left more highly than the private sector.

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