Burlodge takes net zero carbon journey to new level

Burlodge has expanded its approach to the net zero carbon journey after Business Assistant Daniela Triolo gained “invaluable” business qualifications in carbon accounting and management.

Daniela gained introductory and advanced level qualifications in Carbon Footprinting (GHG Accounting) Carbon Management and Carbon Reporting along with a further accreditation in Climate Change: Risk, Opportunity and Business Resilience.

She said: “Climate change affects us all and will continue to do so as we edge closer to (and beyond) the 1.5C temperature increase threshold set by the Paris Agreement (2015). Just reaching two degrees, a mere 0.5 degrees more would expose a further 60 million people to severe drought by 2100 (World Wide Fund for Nature). And that is just one gloomy example.

“I started to make changes in my personal life but the opportunity to help lead Burlodge in its journey towards net zero is a privilege and a necessity. I’m proud that our company takes sustainability seriously and while we’re one of the first in our sector to calculate our scope one and two emissions and put targets in place to reduce this, I know we can do even more.

“As we look towards this year’s scope three calculations and setting our ambitious targets for net zero, I undertook some training and gained my certification in Carbon Accounting from Northumbria University. For Burlodge, that internal support and knowledge on carbon footprinting is invaluable and will help us continue to lead the way in our sector.

“The journey is a long one, but we all need to play our part. Burlodge looks forward to sharing all our net zero ambitions soon and continue to search for innovative ways to cut our emissions throughout our global offices and at our manufacturing sites.”