Caviar specialists open new boutique deli and restaurant

Petrossian is opening its first UK boutique just in time for Christmas –with products coming directly from Barwell Business Park.

The deli and restaurant with seating for around 20 people, at 6 Fulham Road, South Kensington, London SW3 6HG, follows the opening of the caviar maturation laboratory at Barwell last summer.

Petrossian has been a French institution in the world of gastronomy for over 100 years. It remains a family-run company with a strong ethos that has built a highly-recognisable, global brand supplying fine foods including caviar, smoked salmon, fish roe, vodkas and fine épicerie.

The UK subsidiary launched seven years ago for mostly business to business customers, supplying the country’s best restaurants and luxury hotels.

The new emporium will echo the teal-blue exterior of the original Paris location. Products will include smoked salmon sliced in front of the customer, tarama made on site as well as Petrossian’s cult recipes such as the Croque Caviar, foie gras, smoked fish platters, King Crab salad and of course the range of caviars.