Chessington furniture suite now available at Wheelfreedom

Wheelfreedom has launched its new Chessington furniture suite at its Barwell Business Park showroom.

The Chessington suite is handcrafted in the UK and available in set sizes with the option of customisation. It offers maximum support and comfort to users and will last for a long time.

A focal point in the furniture section of the showroom, the Chessington suite is a great place to sit and speak with a specialist, discussing your mobility requirements, and gives you an idea of how you can design your living room with furniture that will complement your home.

With a modern and contemporary twist, the Chessington suite is attractive, whilst offering support for those with restricted mobility. The rise and recline chair rises to help the user in and out of the seated position and has the recliner function so they can relax and unwind. The unique and practical headrest function also allows you to lay back with head support. Other features include an adjustable lumber support for those who may need extra postural support.

Wheelfreedom said: “When choosing mobility furniture, comfort and support is most important. However, many would assume that a rise and recline chair may be less attractive, featuring dated fabric and old-fashioned styles and patterns. At Wheelfreedom, this is certainly not the case as all our furniture come in a range of stylish and modern fabrics, to suit your interior design.

“Our rise and recline furniture is extremely popular, particularly in the lead up to autumn and winter when we tend to spend more time indoors. There is something for everyone, no matter what your style and individual needs are. Many of our rise and recline furniture, including the Chessington suite, come in a full set.”