“Collaboration is key to uniting your office and homeworkers”

SCC AVS is offering advice on how to achieve “true collaboration” between home and office workers to ensure businesses work seamlessly between different physical sites.

Technology suggestions involve going beyond standard unified communications (UC) tools such as videoconferencing, telephony and instant messaging, and physical offices could now be transformed with collaboration in mind.

The blog said: “With a standard UC tool, you enable people to communicate with one another in real-time, from anywhere, on any device. Where this falls down is that, once you’ve had your call, finished your collaboration and hung up, it all disappears. These tools are vanilla; often, it doesn’t matter to an end user what VC software they are using – it all does the same thing.

“This is where the ability to log chat sessions, save documents you’ve shared and websites you’ve visited, and make it all accessible after a call has dropped can begin to enable true collaboration and measure productivity as we continue to adopt more a hybrid approach to in-office and remote working.”

The blog added: “It’s important to be realistic about what you can achieve by having everyone working from home all of the time.

“Physical office space offers the opportunity to review what tools you need on site and, when bringing people into the office, understanding exactly why they need or want to be there. Offices should now be collaborative spaces, with careful consideration over layout and furniture as well as technology.

“There is no new normal! Change your business to ensure business continuity and safeguard your employees. Create a business that’s so flexible it is prepared for the future.”

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