Coughlans positions itself as the number one vegan baker

Coughlans’ reputation as a vegan bakery has skyrocketed with new savoury and sweet products sparking media mentions throughout Veganuary.

Rhubarb and custard muffins, a footlong vegan sausage roll, ‘chicken’ curry bakes, ‘bacon’ rolls and turnovers and a ‘bacon’ wellington, are all new additions to the vegan range, giving the family bakery publicity in British Baker, Vegworld Magazine, Vegan Food and Living.

This is in addition to its popular bread, savouries, sweet treats and cakes.

The company said: “Here at Coughlans Bakery we’ve been baking all night to guarantee our community can get fresh local bread and essentials and we want to thank you all for your incredibly loyal custom in these increasingly strange times.”