“Fowl play” at Chessington resort following theft of 89 rubber ducks

Kingston Police offered social media users a light-hearted take when its officers arrested suspects on suspicion of stealing rubber ducks and fluffy toys.

After attending Chessington World of Adventures, police posted a Facebook update on 29 April.

It read: “We get called to all sorts, but this tail took the biscuit. Without feather ado, we’ll get down to it.

“We were called to a local venue to reports of some fowl play where people were trespassing. Upon arrival, we noticed four suspicious looking males that fit the bill and they attempted to fly the coop but were quackly detained.

“A subsequent search revealed the males had stolen 89 rubber ducks from a kiosk within the complex. It certainly was quackers.

“A further search of their vehicle uncovered feather stolen property (fluffy toys) from another burglary earlier in the week. Not a poultry find!

“After getting our ducks in a row, literally and figuratively, all four males were arrested for the two burglaries and further offences, including points and blades and going equipped.
Arresting officers consider this case well and truly quacked. Eggselent work!”