Gocycle partners with nutrition brand Fuel10k to promote e-bikes

Gocycle is set to partner with leading protein breakfast brand FUEL10K to increase awareness of how e-bikes can help more people to lead an active lifestyle.

Countless research studies highlight that e-bikes encourage more people to cycle and are a great way to improve your health and wellbeing in the long term.

FUEL10k will give away five fast-folding Gocycle GX electric bikes as part of their biggest-ever on-pack promotion between January and April.

The GX will feature on three million of the brand’s high-protein breakfast drinks and porridge pots in outlets nationwide.

Richard Thorpe, designer and founder at Gocycle which is based at 30, Barwell Business Park, said: “We are really excited about the opportunity to spread the message of the enormous health benefits of e-bikes to millions of people across the UK. E-bikes are the perfect travel solution for people who want to lead a more active and sustainable lifestyle – and above all they are fun!

“This partnership is all about fuelling more people to lead a more active lifestyle in the long-term. E-bikes are a great way to get back out onto two wheels. Having the electrical assistance on tap removes many of the daunting elements of cycling and encourages more people to cycle more of the time which can only be a good thing.”

Individuals can enter the competition by purchasing a FUEL10K breakfast drink or porridge pot that features a Gocycle on the packaging. They will be presented with a unique code which they can enter on Fuel10k’s competition site to be in with chance of winning a fast-folding Gocycle GX and other prizes such as sports T-shirts, water bottles or discount codes.

Scott Chassells, FUEL10k Managing Director, said: “We are an increasingly time-poor society and everyone seems to be busier than ever, but that shouldn’t be at the detriment of our health. Fuel10k exists to give people a better for you, protein-based, breakfast on-the-go, which helps them to maximise the precious little time they have in the morning and fuel their active day ahead. We are really excited by this partnership as e-bikes can really enhance the lifestyles of busy people by helping them to have a healthier, more sustainable and speedier commute.”

E-bike sales are booming across Europe as more people realise their benefits for leading a more active and sustainable lifestyle. Many research studies highlight that e-bikes encourage higher usage and riders travel longer distances on average, resulting in a positive impact on their health and fitness over a longer period.

The fast-folding Gocycle GX is one of the most versatile urban e-bikes on the market. It offers unrivalled riding comfort and dynamics over long distances while being capable of being folded and stowed in just 10 seconds. It folds into a compact package and can be rolled on its wheels once stowed, making it incredibly versatile and easy to live with.

Gocycle launched the fast-folding GX to the world at the start of 2019 and it quickly went on to gain critical acclaim. T3 Magazine crowned it as 2019’s Best Electric Bike’ while Expert Reviews coveted it as ‘the most practical e-bike you can buy right now’ following their five-star review.

The GX features torque sensing, direct mechanical shifting and an integrated LED battery fuel gauge housed within Gocycle’s unique oversized handlebar design that allows users to monitor battery charge level while on the move. The battery is fully integrated in the GX’s frame for ease of travel and can be quickly removed for charging or maintenance if required.

It is compatible with Gocycle’s key own designed accessories for the commuter such as mudguards, lights, and front pannier. It is also compatible with the Gocycle Connect App, which provides infinite customised driving modes as well as interesting health statistics such as calories burned, maximum and average pedal power.

You can find FUEL10k Gocycle breakfast drinks and porridge pots in Asda, Sainsburys, Tesco, Coop and Morrisons across the UK.

For information on the competition please visit www.fuel10k.com/pages/our-biggestcompetition-ever 

The fast-folding Gocycle GX is available to order now from www.gocycle.com and through select resellers.
Gocycle GX MSRP: £2,899.