Gocycle previews new family cargo electric bike ahead of 2024 launch

Gocycle family has announced it will debut a new family cargo electric bike in 2024.

Gocycle’s Family Cargo will embody the latest evolution of its patented OneDesignDNA® philosophy alongside some revolutionary new technologies to create one of the world’s most compelling urban electric bikes.

The Gocycle Family Cargo will complement the award-winning fast-folding G4, G4i and G4i+ models in Gocycle’s 2024 product line-up.

Gocycle Designer and Founder Richard Thorpe said: “Today, we introduce the Gocycle Family Cargo – a complete lifestyle upgrade for parents, grandparents, kids, pet lovers and stuff haulers across the globe. When you see it, you’ll know it’s a Gocycle. We’re bringing Gocycle’s legendary class-leading, lightweight, seamless design, complete app/e-drive system integration and portability to the cargo bike market.

“However, this isn’t just another product launch; it’s a remarkable milestone in our ongoing journey. In the years ahead, we’ll be expanding the G4 Gocycle range with additional new models across diverse market segments including both non-folding and non-electric.”

“At the core of this transformation is Gocycle’s patented OneDesignDNA® philosophy and vision which runs through the entire Gocycle product family. In a world of bicycle soup, Gocycle stands apart – clearly recognisable and distinctive. For over two decades, we’ve honed and mastered our craft to create the perfect urban e-bike and the optimal platform for healthy and sustainable personal transport. Now we’re leveraging our deep understanding, IP and experience to extend the Gocycle brand across multiple new market segments.”

“At Gocycle, we’ve never settled for compromise; we aim to create the best urban electric bikes on the planet. But this is not only about the product; it’s about redefining how people move. Welcome to a new era of Gocycle – for family, for fun, for life.”

Further details about the new Gocycle Family Cargo will be released early next year.