E-bike riders are healthy, happier and less likely to use their car according to new research from leading urban e-bike brand Gocycle.

The business surveyed owners of its fast-folding Gocycle GX model and found that 62% have used their car less since owning the bike, with 27% saying they have reduced their monthly car mileage by an impressive 25-50 miles.

Owners reported that their ideal trip length on their bike is 5-10 miles (39%), highlighting the suitability of e-bikes for urban riders who are returning to work as the lockdown as eases, with 68% of all UK journeys being under five miles.

Gocycle GX owners also reported improved health and wellbeing since owning their bike – 59% of owners believe the bike has had a noticeable impact on their fitness while 49% stated their general sense of health and wellbeing has improved a lot during ownership.

The business has seen a fourfold increase in demand for its fast-folding GX model in the last six weeks in urban areas across the world, with a significant spike in London, as more people realise the benefits of e-bikes for a healthier and smarter commute.

Gocycle – based at 30 Barwell Business Park – is urging the government to switch on to the huge health benefits that e-bikes bring and acknowledge their essential role in ensuring Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s proclamation of a “Golden Age of Cycling” is a long-lasting reality and not a one-season wonder.

Richard Thorpe, Gocycle designer and founder, said: “This research highlights the enormous opportunity to make our urban areas healthier and more sustainable places in the long-term. Most bicycles bought end up in the shed after a season – e-bikes are different. You don’t have to be fit to ride ten miles. But after riding an ebike for a few months, your health and wellbeing will improve.

“Transitioning from a car to a bike is not easy. Going from a car to an e-bike is – with e-assistance removing many of the daunting elements of cycling – worries about fitness levels, headwinds, hills or arriving to work hot and sweaty.”

“We have a once in a generation opportunity to make positive permanent changes to our urban areas and our governments must seize this opportunity and endorse electric bikes as probably the best all-round alternative to cars, buses, trains, and the underground.”

Steve Garidis, Executive Director of UK cycling industry trade body The Bicycle Association of Great Britain, said: “We shouldn’t think of e-bikes simply as ‘enhanced bicycles’, but also as highly efficient ‘light electric vehicles’ capable of moving people and goods for a significant portion of everyday journeys. They don’t cause pollution or congestion, and they’re good for our health. That’s why we are calling for government to stimulate the market for this fantastic technology with purchase incentives for e-bikes just like those already available for electric cars.”

For full findings visit Go Cycle’s website.