IT tips to power your business as lockdown begins to lift

‘Adapt or fail’, ‘integration and collaboration’, and ‘automation’ are among the buzzwords of IT advice being offered by Sunrise Software for 2021.

The IT Service Management (ITSM) experts have come up with 10 top tips based on what was learned within the sector last year.

“In 2020, life merged with the workplace, technology no longer respected boundaries and new requirements shouted for urgent attention,” Sunrise said in its blog.

In the blog, IT teams from North Wales Fire & Rescue Service and Moray Council shared how they adapted quickly to enable the logistics of home working with the help of Sunrise ITSM. A new ‘COVID’ service created in Sunrise now tracks all requests and responses for immediate delivery, while reporting allows for ongoing planning and continuous improvement.

Despite working from home, Sunrise said integration and collaboration were crucial for businesses and Sunrise’s ITSM tool – with open connections to Microsoft Teams, Jira and Slack – improved communication no end, keeping all concerned parties in the loop as issues progressed.

Sunrise advised that if the process is repeated, companies should automate. From simple to more complex uses, such as replacing lost or broken devices to processing leavers’ Right to be Forgotten requests, automation should be easy to set up and simple to use.

Other aspects of the comprehensive advice covered in the blog included reporting, self-service, enterprise service management and where your data is held.

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