Long-serving Roomservice by Cort staff member shares furniture tips

Roomservice by Cort has introduced long-serving staff member, Mitch Le Picq, to followers on social media.

Head of In-House Refurb Team, Mitch has 23 years of experience with the company behind him.

Although Roomservice purchases high-quality furniture that can stand the test of time, even the strongest pieces of furniture can get scratched or damaged through everyday use.

Mitch and his expert team step in to repair and refurbish products to ensure they’re in pristine condition before going back out on rent. If a piece of furniture doesn’t meet the high standards, it’s sold at a discounted price through the company’s retail outlet at Barwell Business Park.

Mitch’s top tips to keep your furniture looking great include: “Always use coasters and heat mats to protect your furniture from damage. Cosmetics, perfume and hot items like pans and hair straighteners can cause permanent damage to the surface of your furniture.

“To remove a ring mark from wooden furniture, use a hairdryer to apply heat to the affected area. This will draw out any moisture and reduce the stain.”