Property owner? Here’s five things you need in your toolkit

Roomservice by CORT is offering tips for rental property owners to get ahead of the game as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Virtual tours, in-wall USB points, concierge services such as laundry pick-up and dog grooming, are all discussed in the company’s recent blog as is the importance of furniture and furnishings.

The furniture rental firm said: “Furnished apartments typically rent for around 30% more than unfurnished apartments. Better yet, they often sport less wear and tear.

“And when you partner with Roomservice by CORT, any wear and tear on the furnishings are easily taken care of since the servicing is handled by us. It’s also seamless to upgrade between residents, to opt-in or opt-out on your terms to best meet the needs of your residents and your business model.

“There’s real power in access over ownership and furniture flexibility, giving you the ability to quickly meet the demand of your residents while allowing Roomservice by CORT to take care of all the heavy lifting.”

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