Rebuilding unit 29

Unit 29 has now been fully demolished to make way for a new building.

Ken Butcher, Asset Manager, Aviva Investors, said: “We were dismayed that Unit 29 required demolition following the fire last year and plan to build a new building on the site. Our hope is to create a new unit which can offer high-quality facilities for businesses whilst also incorporating sustainable features into its design, much like the refurbishment work we have carried out on  several existing buildings around the Park.

“Features such as PV roof cells, improved Energy Performance Certificates, EV charging points, smart meters and replacing old gas boilers, will not only make our buildings more sustainable, they should also improve energy efficiency and energy usage, lowering costs for businesses.

“The new building will enable us to provide these features and provide new ideas on how to expand them across other existing units at Barwell.”