Sega enjoys success at international exhibitions

Sega Amusements International have visited two major, international, in-person exhibitions, the Bowl Expo and the Amusements Expo.

The shows were well attended by operators from across the region, who were optimistic about the future of the market and wanted to invest into new equipment for their locations.

Sega Amusements International said: “It was a pleasure to see so many of our industry friends at the shows and we were overwhelmed by the great response we received. We would like to thank all the guests that attend the shows. Also, a huge thanks to the event organisers and industry associations that helped make these two shows possible.

“After having missed a year of shows, it is clear trade shows are much more than a showcase for new games. They are an integral part of our industry, offering invaluable networking opportunities, brings the industry together and spurs innovation and creativity that benefits the entire market.”

The company will unveil its latest innovations in further shows this year, in Barcelona and Orlando. Click here to book an appointment.