Sega to exhibit at first major amusements expo in UK since lockdown began

Sega Amusements International is exhibiting at EAG this spring – the first major amusements expo in the UK since March 2020.

The Entertainment, Attractions & Gaming (EAG) International Expo at Excel London runs from 1-3 March, and is the leisure industry’s leading coin-operated amusements show.

With more than 200 exhibitors, 5,000 buyers and global media support, the expected spend at the show is £20million.

Sega Amusements Sales and Marketing Executive, Lester Travasso, said: “The show will be the first major amusements expo in the UK since March 2020, and we are very excited to be exhibiting at the show. Our Research and Development team have been working hard and we will exhibit 15 brand new games at the show.

“Here are just three of the major titles we will exhibiting.

“For the thrill seekers we have Mission Impossible Arcade. Based on the box office smash hit, this game will take you on an epic journey to save the world from enemies that aim to weaponize humanoid robots. You will have the latest spy gadgets and weapons at your disposal to help you complete your mission, but remember, time is not on your side. The two-player Deluxe cabinet’s innovative new floor features base-shakers to deliver an adrenaline-fueled gameplay experience. Combined with the huge 55” screen, brand-new dual pistol controllers, and surround sound, you will be immersed in the explosive spy action right from the start.

“For the sci-fi fans we are bringing Men in Black, also based on the iconic films, to arcades for the very first time. Presented in a stunning, new, retro-futuristic cabinet that takes design cues from the iconic MIB headquarters. The cabinet also features an amazing chrome UFO billboard lit with animated LEDs, an “infinity mirror” and “Neuralyzer” prop. The dual tri-barrel plasma guns are straight out of the movies and are sure to attract players to the game. The gameplay is both fun and exciting, as players take on the roles of Agent N and Agent V to take down aliens to win tickets. They must collect powerful weapons to stay alive and defeat the final boss. Scoring more than 1,000 points awards players the big ticket “super bonus”.

“And VR enthusiasts are raving about VR Agent – our brand-new attendant-free, two-player, coin-operated Virtual Reality game. This game brings the best arcade shooting in the highly-immersive VR format. The truly innovative VR aiming controller sees the headset fused to the gun controller – thus making the VR headset more resistant to wear and tear and ushering an evolution in VR gaming and making it viable for arcades or Family Entertainment Centres. The controller lowers instantly, allowing the player to get into the action quickly and lifted at the end, significantly increasing throughput and efficiency. The player’s mission is to take down enemies using a range of weapons and defeat the enemy mastermind. Players can deploy into four missions, each with increasing difficulty levels and finally unlock the boss level. The gameplay is easy to grasp but hard to master so the ‘game continue’ feature not only encourages instant repeat-play but also lets players master their marksmanship skills.

“In addition to exiting new products our after-sales customer support services teams will also be at the show to answer queries.”