Roomservice by Cort is offering 30% off furniture rental for home staging services until the end of September.

The company, based at 28 Barwell Business Park, said: “Home staging is a way of dressing a property to highlight its positives and to help prospective buyers evaluate the available space. If it’s done correctly, a staged property should appeal to a wide range of buyers and achieve its asking price.

“Empty whitewashed properties can be viewed as ‘blank canvasses’ but they can also look empty and unappealing. Adding feature walls and painting isn’t always an option, or necessary to show off a property. Furniture and accessories can really help to show how much space is available and allow buyers to visualize how their own belongings would fit in.

“Open plan living and dining spaces are hugely popular right now, but understanding how the space can be divided up can be tricky when it’s empty. Placing furniture into empty properties can show off the main assets of the property, but it can also help to mask its flaws too.”

If you would like to try home staging quote ‘SHOWOFF30’ or add the code in the shopping cart.

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