Sunrise Software joins Canadian company Volaris Group

Sunrise Software has joined Volaris Group, an operating group of Toronto-based Constellation Software.

Volaris provides market-leading software and services to a variety of industries worldwide, acquiring, strengthening, and growing vertical market software companies.

Sunrise’s expertise in service management software is built on its interaction with client organisations across many sectors for more than 25 years. In an age where customer and employee dependencies on technology are high, Sunrise assists organisations to better manage business processes and help achieve their customer service goals. Sunrise customers use its software to easily create, track and report on workplace tasks, events, and activities and to build and adapt related workflows, delivering greater productivity and satisfaction across the organisation.

Geoff Rees, Director of Sales & Operations at Sunrise, said: “We are proud to have built a strong community of customers, enabling them to deliver exceptional technology services to thousands of users each day.

“We believe Sunrise has found a natural home at Volaris. Our shared principles of first-class product, customer care and staff development make for a true fit. Volaris is a buy and hold company, focused on sustainable growth, concentrating on the qualities that make businesses thrive, while bringing expertise and a professional framework to support us in our growth. We foresee exciting times ahead.”

Steven Denning-Garrison, Vice President of International Operations within Volaris Group and newly appointed CEO of Sunrise, said: “With an established tradition of innovation, and a passion for creating technology which improves the experiences of their users, Sunrise is a great addition to the Volaris Group family. We look forward to working with the Sunrise team to supplement their domain expertise with Volaris Group best practices in an effort to help them achieve their future ambitions.”