Try new mobility products at Wheelfreedom’s unique showroom

Wheelfreedom customers can try out the new Quickie Nitrum active wheelchair and Empulse F55 handbike at the Barwell showroom.

The Nitrum is a replacement for Quickie’s Helium wheelchair, and remains the lightest aluminium adjustable chair in its class, enhanced by a new backrest twist-lock mechanism and integrated LED lights.

The F55 is a great value handbike, which lets the user travel much longer distances and over rougher ground. It can fit to almost every wheelchair, and offers the flexibility to switch between self-propulsion or using the handbike.

Demo models can be hired for home, or tried out at Wheelfreedom’s HQ at 61 Barwell Business Park.

Wheelfreedom founder Giles Donald recently spoke to trade magazine THISS about the showroom which arose from a vision to make buying a life-changing mobility product a pleasant experience and creating a stand-out customer experience.

Ensuring customers are met with a spacious and welcoming environment was top of the design list, and the showroom has consultation zones and eye-catching displays that are talking points in themselves.

“Finding the perfect location for the company’s new HQ took a couple of years,” reported THISS.

“The team were originally looking at a site closer to where they had been based in London. After being unable to find what they were looking for, though, they decided to extend their search area a year ago. Eventually, they found the perfect spot for their business in Chessington.”

Giles told the magazine: “Our site in Chessington is working out well as it is very well connected into London and is just off the A3 and M25. Being a little bit further out of town has also given us a bit more flexibility in what we can do with the space.

“We have lots of onsite parking and the layout of the unit means we have a customer-facing environment at the front but we also have [hidden] space at the back for our decontamination unit, workshop, warehousing and so on.”

Call Wheelfreedom on 0800 025 8005.