YouTube £500 Golfbidder challenge returns

YouTube golfing stars Rick Shiels and Peter Finch have brought back their £500 Golfbidder Challenge for the first time in three years.

Fans were so delighted, they made the footage featuring the pair choosing their clubs from Golfbidder’s warehouse, a top ten trending video on YouTube.

For the competition Rick and Peter played an 18-hole game at St George’s Hill Golf Club in Weybridge, Surrey, after each choosing clubs and equipment to the value of £500 from Golfbidder’s HQ at E5 Barwell Business Park.

Rick Shiels, who has 2.5 million subscribers, said about Golfbidder: “This place is just something else, row after row, aisle after aisle, shelf after shelf full of used and brand-new golf equipment. It’s just the best.”

On April 11, shortly after the video’s upload, Peter Finch told his 541,000 subscribers: “Out of all the millions of videos uploaded in the last 24 hours, YouTube have ranked myself and Rick Shiels number 7 on the trending page!”

Click here to watch.